Look for information on the 2015 UVFL season in the spring.

      This letter is to help all participants in the UVFL understand the operational workings of the Utah Valley
      Football League (UVFL). All parents must read this prior to participating with the UVFL program.

      The Setup and Organizational standards for the UVFL districts:
      The UVFL is a 100% Volunteer and Parent run organization comprised of 13 High School districts. The comprising
      districts run within the various high school boundaries and are also 100% volunteer and parent directed. All
      are required to be setup as non-profit organizations and required to register with the State of Utah. The UVFL
      requires full financial transparency from all affiliated districts within the UVFL.

      The privilege and use of High School Facilities:
      The UVFL are guests and tenants to the High School facilities that we will one day represent. All districts are required
      to be affiliated with a corresponding High School Boundary. Districts are required to be financially separate from the
      High School. We have enjoyed and desire to have a positive relationship with every High School facility within
      the UVFL Boundaries. Parent cooperation is vital in order for that relationship to thrive. It is a privilege to be able
      to rent and use their facilities for district and program functions. With every privilege it can be lost.
      We need to be good stewards of these facilities.

      The relationship with Varsity Football Programs and their corresponding districts:
      It should be the desire for all UVFL districts to have a good working relationship with their varsity programs.
      Varsity Coaches are allowed to serve on the corresponding district boards, attend meetings and give recommendations
      to the district board within the UVFL. However, the governing district boards must and will make all financial,
      logistical and rule based decisions independently from the Varsity program. They are required to be separate.
      At times varsity programs might try to influence a district in regards to boundary rules, player qualifications
      or Coaching Selections in order to gain competitive advantages that might benefit their Varsity Programs. The UVFL
      districts have no operations controls in order to make that decision. The youth board makes all of those decisions
      and anyinappropriate influence by a varsity program must be reported to the full UVFL Executive Board.

      How to address Concerns within your district or the UVFL:
      All concerns/issues with your district or UVFL should NOT be directed to the High School administration or to the
      varsity football program at your High School. Those issues should first be addressed at the youth district board
      level. If those concerns are not addressed they can then be submitted and brought to the UVFL executive board for

      The decision making process of the UVFL Board:
      The UVFL Board is made up of all the districts within the UVFL. Each district is given one vote. The Youth
      Director from each district holds that vote. This UVFL board makes all government rules for the league, such as,
      boundary rules, competitive rules and district guidelines. They are also the body that enforces the rules
      to the league.

      Learning to work better together:
      The game of football is a community event. Itís something that requires all of us to work together. We all
      must give in order for us to work together better, as a team and an organization. We are grateful for all the
      love and support you are showing these young men. Lets make it a great 2015 Season!!!

      UVFL Board

  News and Notes:  March 3, 2015  
    You cannot play in multiple leagues. If you play in the UVFL you cannot play in other leagues.

    Please read the UVFL Boundary Rule.
    ALL GRADES will follow the boundary rule.

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