2014 SEASON:
      The UVFL had another great year this year. We grew in every division and expanded with the addition of
      Spanish Fork and Maple Mountain. Both schools have always had teams in the UVFL but this year they brought
      their entire program to the UVFL. We hope to add Salem Hills and Payson next year and are talking to other
      groups as well. We just had our year end board meeting and voted to make some changes next year. 8th
      grade will now be boundary only as well as the rest of the grades in the UVFL. We will be updating all
      the rules on the website in the next 30 days so please stay tuned for some of the changes. There will
      be more clarity on the website and well as with all coaches to the rules. The parents will play a
      critical role in enforcing and playing by the rules in regards to boundary. We will have reps at each
      weigh in to verify a players weight. We will also have a picture taken of the scale date stamped on the
      second weigh in.

      Congratulations to Orem 8th grade for winning the Championship between the UCFC and the UVFL. We need more
      participation from all parents on each district board that we have. The current board does not have the time
      to be able to be all places at the same time. Each district needs you, donít assume someone will step up to help.
      Everyone loved the new jerseys this year and we will be going forward with the same supplier next year. We are
      also in the process of having all helmets recertified and are purchasing another 300 new helmets. Our affiliation
      with USA Football was supported very well with all the coaches and each coach was certified by USA Football to
      coach your player. You can still drop your equipment off at Parks Sportsmanís building at 2nd Track Sports and we
      will pick up the equipment and get your names checked off. Next year we will be doing all the meetings by district,
      that should be much better, we may even give equipment out by district. We will let you know as soon as we determine
      the best way to do the equipment handout. There will be more changes in the coming months so keep checking in to
      stay current with the changes going on with the UVFL.

      You should thank all the directors that put in a lot of time at no pay to help your kids.
          Brandon Condie (Spanish Fork)
          Ryan Sudweeks (Timpview)
          Jeremy Hill (Orem)
          Jacob Holdaway (Mountain View)
          Dirk Astle (Provo)
          Brad Burtenshaw (Maple Mountain)
          Mike Warren (South COunty)
          Josh Davies (Timpanogos)
          Steve Badger (Wasatch)
          Rod Sweeten (Executive Board Member)
          Carl Hermansen (Executive Board Member)
          David Rivers (Web Manager)
          Steve Drury (President)
          Randy Park (Commissioner)

      UVFL Board of Directors


8TH D1 OREM* Spanish Fork Orem
8TH D2 OREM Spanish Fork Orem
7TH D1 MAPLE MOUNTAIN* Provo Maple Mountain
7TH D2 OREM Spanish Fork Mountain View
7TH D3 TIMPVIEW Maple Mountain Timpview
6TH D1 MAPLE MOUNTAIN Wasatch Wasatch
6TH D2 TIMPVIEW Spanish Fork Maple Mountain
5TH D1 OREM* Spanish Fork Orem
5TH D2 MOUNTAIN VIEW Timpanogos Timpanogos
3/4TH D1 SOUTH COUNTY Spanish Fork South County
3/4TH D2 OREM/TIMPVIEW Mountain View 3 Orem/Timpview
1/2 GRADE SPANISH FORK Mountain View Mountain View
* Will play in Utah County Superbowl. Schedules here.

  News and Notes:  November 24, 2014  
    All coaches are required to become USA Football Registered and Certified.
    Go here for info.
    This needs to be done by Sept 10th.

    You cannot play in multiple leagues. If you play in the UVFL you cannot play in other leagues!
    As of Sept 1st, any player caught playing in multiple leagues will have games participated in forfeited
    and coach will be suspended for one game.

    Please read the UVFL Boundary Rule.

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